Wednesday 14 February 2018

What Are The Impacts Of Short-Term Employment Agreement In An Organization?

There are many types of the employment agreements within an organization like full-time contracts, part-time contracts, fixed-term contracts, temporary contracts, short-term contracts, and zero hour contracts. All of these contracts have different terms and conditions. There are also different types of the impacts of these contracts. Anyhow, if we talk about the short-term employment agreements, then we come to know that a short-term employment agreement is also known as temporary agreement. Usually, this kind of agreement is done when an organization needs some extra help from the employees for a short period of time. Despite the short-term agreement, the employees are still treated like the other staff members. If you are not able to understand the impacts of the short-term employment agreement, then you can get help from the coursework writing services. The most common impacts of the short-term employment agreement in an organization are given below; 
1) Staffing flexibility

The first impact of the short-term agreement in an organization is that the staff members become more flexible than before. They try to work hard in order to enhance the outcome level within an organization. This thing is also helpful to create a competitive environment within an organization. With the help of the short-term agreement, it will also be helpful for the organization members to fulfil all the demands of the work.

2) Reduction of the costs
An organization can also reduce the costs by making a short-term employment agreement. Its reason is that these short-term employees are not provided with any incentives, bonuses, and other offers. On the other hand, it is necessary for an organization to provide incentives, bonuses, and other facilities in order to enhance the production level of the permanent employees.

3) Ease of dismissal

Sometimes, there is a possibility that a particular employee is not working in an effective way and he/she has become a headache for an organization. Under such a situation, it is an unavoidable thing for an organization to dismiss it. If he/she is a short-term employee, then it is easy for you to dismiss him/her. On the other hand, if he/she is a permanent employee, then it is difficult for you to dismiss.

4) Low morale

Along with some merits of hiring the short-term employees, there are also some demerits. The first demerit is that the short-term employees have a low morale. Its reason is that there is no chance of incentives, bonuses or the other facilities for them. Therefore, they are not able to work hard with high morale.

5) The lower level of the employee productivity

If the morale level among the employees is low, then how is it possible for them to increase the productivity level. Moreover, these short-term employees are also not provided with the proper training in order to increase the production level. Due to the lack of the experience is also a cause of decreasing the production level within an organization.

Another impact of the short-term employment agreement is that the organization will be able to get the unscheduled turnover.


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