Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Before the Spring and Autumn of every year, a fashion week is organized in which a lot of celebrities wear clothes of different styles and designs. The fashion retailers express the clothing styles and designs of these celebrities into the current fashion trends. This thing is known as fast fashion. On the other hand, the slow fashion is the name of designing and buying the garments on the basis of their quality and longevity. If you don’t know the impacts of fast fashion and slow fashion on environmental sustainability, then you can get help from academic writing services. The possible impacts of fast fashion and slow fashion on environmental sustainability are given below; 

Impacts of fast fashion

As we know that there are huge impacts of the fashion industry around the world. That’s why the fashion industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world and 1 of the 6 people is attached directly or indirectly to the fashion industry. The impacts of the fast fashion on environmental sustainability are given below;

1) According to a report, nowadays, we are buying 400% more clothes than in the previous decade. These cloths are chosen on the basis of our skin and our personal communications. While production of such huge amount of clothes, some harmful gasses are released into the air which creates a lot of adverse impacts on our environment.

2) In the fast fashion industry, we use synthetic fibres and polyester. These polyesters emit three times more carbon than any other kind of fibre. The consumption of these fibres is increasing day by day and according to new research, nowadays, we are using 157% more polyester in the manufacturing of the cloths than 2000. No doubt, this thing creates a lot of adverse impacts on our environment.

3) The fast industry also creating a lot of issues like water consumption and pollution. According to new research, nowadays, we are producing two billion pairs of jeans in a year. For the manufacturing of one pair of jeans, there require 7,000 litres of water. For the production of these jeans, there also requires 1.5 million tons of such chemical that is a hazard to us. Therefore, the fast industry is a threat to our environmental sustainability.

4) In the developing countries, the fast fashion industry has also caused a lot of impacts regarding the landfill, dumping, and waste.

5) In the fast fashion industry, we have also observed a lot of unfair labour practices.

Impacts of slow fashion

As we know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry after the oil industry. Some impacts of the slow fashion industry for the sustainability of the environment are given below;

1) As we know that the slow fashion industry is a long-term industry and it is made by keeping in mind the long-term sustainability. That’s why they adopt safe and ethical ways to use harmful chemicals.

2) They also use synthetic and inorganic fabrics which are less biodegradable.

3) Some companies also use such chemicals that are harmful to the sustainability of the environment.

4) They also perform some ethical practices for the manufacturing of different kinds of fabrics.

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