Friday 28 October 2016

How a Person Makes Mistakes in Writing Words and Phrases

Everyone who can speak well can be good at academic writing. Most people we communicate with sound flawless in language but when it comes to their academic writing, they miserably fail in writing academic content which is strange. People often make the use of words and phrases in correctly. There are many instances where a person is well aware of an academic question but as soon as he starts writing the answer, he is unable to deliver the answer due to his ignorance in the use of words and phrases correctly.
First thing we need to understand is that written language especially written academic language and usual spoken language are two entirely different things. You can’t write words and phrases the way to speak them.

Next thing to do is to compare the language you use in speaking with the language used in your lecture notes. They have a major difference.

We make mistakes in using words and phrases when we do not keep a difference in spoken and written language. Also, when we use too many unfamiliar words, we start making mistakes.  You should remember that the use of new and complicated words, phrases and terms must be avoided until very necessary or, you are too familiar and confident with their use and meaning. But recommended it to avoid such words completely and use only one new word from your word bank per day.

People often appear ignorant when they write the phrases in a different context than what they might actually mean. When we read phrases and we don’t know their meaning, then we take their literal meanings which are a huge mistake. Whenever we want to make our content look interesting and we choose to add new phrases to our content, we must find their meanings first and see what they actually mean before we use them. Using unfamiliar phrases change the meaning of your content entirely as they mean something else and we take them for something and the context they are used in makes your entire content look like a work of an amateur.
Apparently all mistakes people make in using the words and phrases correctly link to one major mistake, using unfamiliar words and phrases and using them in different context than what they basically mean.
In order to make your assignments free from error and make your academic content look like a work of an expert, be sure to develop a reading habit and maintain a vocabulary notepad. Always note new words and phrases and find their meanings. Use one word or phrase per day and not more than that.

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